Workshops for Wise Women

The following workshops can be tailored to suit your group:


Beyond Midlife…. the Wisdom Years

 As mature women, there comes a time in our lives when we feel an urgency to live authentically: to find out who we are beyond the roles we’ve played and the responsibilities we’ve carried. Join a nurturing community of like-minded women as we explore the transition from midlife onward. Through discussion, journaling, yoga, and reflection, we’ll increase our self-awareness and expand our sense of self-discovery, as we delve into the practical applications of coming home to ourselves. At the end of the series, you’ll have an action plan for moving ahead on your journey home. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a journal and pen.

Yoga for Women at Midlife & Beyond

Join Santa Fe yoga instructor Pat Shapiro, author of Yoga for Women at Midlife & Beyond: A Home Companion, in a discussion of the joys and perils of midlife and the years beyond. Learn how yoga can support you through this transformative period. A yoga class tailored to women over 50 will follow the discussion. Reflections on the class and a book signing (optional) will complete this program.

How to Create a Home Yoga Practice

This intensive workshop consists of a short yoga practice followed by a discussion of the essential issues in developing a home practice. They include:

  • setting an intention
  • clarifying goals
  • examining practical considerations
  • identifying obstacles
  • and finding support.

Yoga and Writing Workshops

These workshops are presented for individuals who want to expand their creativity or are interested in using yoga as a preparation and call to writing. These are given periodically or can be arranged according to mutual convenience.

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Yoga Workshops


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