Speaker on Women’s Issues

Pat Shapiro, Speaker on Aging

Pat Shapiro does keynote presentations, lectures and workshops on women’s issues, with a special interest in the midlife years and beyond, friendships and yoga. The following topics are adapted from her books on the same subjects.


The Privilege of Aging

This inspiring talk draws on the lives of the twelve women from the ages of 76 to 102 in the book of the same name.  Pat shares the secrets to their longevity and their vitality as well as the ten keys to successful aging that she discovered in researching this book. A talk that will appeal to women of all ages.

Coming Home to Yourself

Drawing on her own experience and the stories of the multi-cultural group of women in her book, Pat discusses the many paths that women choose to come home to their true selves.  This is a moving speech because the extraordinary women profiled, who have overcome personal challenges, can serve as role models and inspiration for people of any age.

Heart to Heart: A Celebration of Women and Friendship

Inspiring and entertaining, this lecture focuses on how our friendships enrich our lives, how to overcome the barriers that get in the way of true closeness and how to balance time for ourselves with time for others. The lecture unfolds through story telling: Pat’s own friendship story and the stories of some of the women she interviewed for Heart to Heart.

Women at Midlife: Becoming Whole

Through stories and humor, this lecture raises thought-provoking questions about how we can connect the many parts of our lives into a unified whole at midlife. It covers discovering passions, finding spirituality, nurturing friendships, and renegotiating relationships with our partners and grown children.


Come Home to Your True Self

Home means many things to different people.   It can be a physical place, an emotional space, or an activity where you can be yourself without masks or airs. It is a haven within where you feel comfortable, safe and content: your internal and external selves matching, your inner and outer voices becoming one.  

Join Pat Shapiro for a personal exploration of home.  Drawing on the women’s stories in Coming Home to Yourself: Eighteen Wise Women Reflect on Their Journeys as inspiration, you’ll explore your own goals and intentions through personal reflection, discussion, and journaling. At the end of the class, you’ll have a plan of action for moving forward on your journey home.

Yoga for Women at Midlife & Beyond

Join Santa Fe yoga instructor Pat Shapiro, author of Yoga for Women at Midlife & Beyond: A Home Companion, in a discussion of the joys and perils of midlife and the years beyond. Learn how yoga can support you through this transformative period. A yoga class tailored to women over 50 will follow the discussion. Reflections on the class and a book signing (optional) will complete this program.

How to Create a Home Yoga Practice

This intensive workshop consists of a short yoga practice followed by a discussion of the essential issues in developing a home practice. They include:

  • setting an intention
  • clarifying goals
  • examining practical considerations
  • identifying obstacles
  • and finding support.

Yoga and Writing Workshops

These workshops are presented for individuals who want to expand their creativity or are interested in using yoga as a preparation and call to writing. These are given periodically or can be arranged according to mutual convenience.

All of these topics can be tailored to suit an audience’s special needs. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for speaking engagements.




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