Pat Shapiro



The Privilege of Aging

“We can't thank you enough for your wonderful presentation and for helping us to draw the most attendees we have seen at a TTN meeting in quite some time. So importantly, everyone was engaged and clearly appreciated the stories you shared and the quotes of those wonderful women you met….Thanks to your book and presentation, many more of us will have positive role models (of aging) to help us look forward to a glass-half-full.”

      --Rachel Greenstein, Santa Fe TTN co-chair


Coming Home to Yourself: Eighteen Wise Women

Reflect on Their Journeys

"Pat Shapiro has taken on a little-understood and invigorating topic: The real lives of women over the age of 60. In these first-person stories of women who are leading complex and meaningful lives in their 60s, 70s and 80s, Shapiro probes the dark times in a woman's life as well as her courage and willingness to re-invent herself. Each woman confronts a turning point--or several of them--and makes a commitment in mid-life or later to something that expresses her truest self….

"Pat Shapiro has given us a beautiful, insightful book that bears witness to the daring and vitality of these women. This book inspires the reader to ask: What can I do to more fully claim my own life?"

          --M. Sandmaier 


Yoga for Women at Midlife & Beyond: 

A Home Companion

“I have been practicing yoga since the seventies, but what ‘worked’ back then has not been working for me for quite a while. As we all know, things change a bit for women after we hit fifty and beyond. This practice is superb -- gentle, calming, relaxing yet invigorating, and I don't have to worry about injuring myself. Pat's voice throughout is encouraging and supportive. It is clear that she speaks with wisdom, knowledge, and caring, as well as many years of experience…. the drawings in the book are superb. They are clear, uncluttered, and make the postures easy to follow. The artist did an excellent job. Also, Pat includes photos of a number of beautiful women elders, some even in their seventies and beyond, doing poses. What an inspiration! What a fabulous book!”

—Amazon reader review


Heart to Heart
Deepening Women's Friendships At Midlife

"Pat Shapiro's new book, HEART to HEART: Deepening Women's Friendships at Midlife, is a wonderful blend of the author's own experiences, original interviews with married and single women at midlife, as well as highlights of pertinent secondary research. Her well-written book offers practical suggestions about how to improve friendship at midlife at the same time that it shares inspirational anecdotes and examples."

—Sociologist Jan Yager, Ph.D., author of Friendshifts: The Power of Friendship and How It Shapes Our Lives (Stamford, CTP: Hannacroix Creek Books, 2nd edition, 1999)


"A vibrant midlife experience for women includes deepening friendships, observes Pat Shapiro in her compelling book: HEART to HEART. In fact, women often prefer the company of their friends to their husbands. If you find this shocking, read on! I learned alot about my self and my friends."

—Paula P. Hardin, Ed.D., Midlife Consulting Services, Chicago, IL 

My Turn
Women's Search For Self After The Children Leave

"Balanced, thoughtful, lucid....Pat Shapiro's fine book explores the maternal task of 'letting go' and the creative transformations possible for women after their children leave home."

— Evelyn Bassoff, author of Mothers and Daughters and Between Mothers and Sons


"Inspiring and upbeat."

—Publishers' Weekly 


This book is a powerful antidote to popular and professional mythology about the empty-nest syndrome.' Thoughtfully and persuasively argued, MY TURN will offer hope--and a gentle challenge--to every woman who reads it."

—Marian Sandmaier, author of Original Kin: The Search for Connection Among Adult Sisters and Brothers



"On behalf of Temple Beth El and the Adult Education Committee, I would like to thank you so very much for your most excellent presentation yesterday. I have received many positive comments from attendees and you probably have too. Again, thanks for a most enjoyable afternoon."

         --Monika Kimball, Las Cruces Temple Beth El

            December 2013

“Thank you so much for doing an outstanding job.  As you heard again today, your talk was so well put together—including everyone in the introductions, your sharing about yourself, having someone from your book attend, sharing stories from your book, getting the audience involved in the small groups, having people share following the small groups.  Excellent!  You have a beautiful, quiet yet powerful presence about you.”

       --Jean Palmer, The Transition Network, Santa Fe

        March 2012


“Thank you so much for coming to Philadelphia and your wonderful presentation as part of our Coming of Age Boomervision!® lecture series!  The audience loved you.  For some, the idea of ‘coming home to yourself’ was new.  Many people commented how much they enjoyed the small group discussion to look at their own ideas and journeys “home.”  Your interview of Edie Elkan, one of your Wise Women, was very inspiring....  I’m sure your message will resonate with women everywhere, as well as some men, as we saw in the audience discussion!”

         --Willo Carey, Executive Director of Wider Horizons at WHYY, Philadelphia

          September 2010


"Your keynote presentation was a wonderful beginning to the morning."

—Tsulan Balka, Saint Joseph Hospital, Midlife Health Fair and Seminar, Denver, CO 


"Your discussion was an uplifting twist and a positive way to conclude the panel presentations."

— Shelly Middleman, Ph.D., Jewish Family Service of Atlantic County, So You're Thinking About Menopause Workshop, Atlantic City, NJ 


"As always, the comment cards were wonderful!"

—Cheri Vergini, Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires, Lenox, MA


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