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The Privilege of Aging: 
Portraits of Twelve Jewish Women

The Privilege of Aging: Portraits of Twelve Jewish Women,  (Gaon Books) offers an indepth exploration of Jewish women’s lives beyond age 75. You’ll meet twelve women from all over the country, women with different lifestyles, experiences, backgrounds, and connections to Judaism.

You’ll read about the courage of a Holocaust survivor, the strength of a teacher to stand up for women’s rights, the determination of an artist to nurture a long-term relationship. Their lifelong journeys reveal how their earlier years prepared them for life as older women and what they learned from those experiences.

The book explores what gave them the support, the spirit, and the resilience to master challenges and changes in their long lives. Was it an understanding parent or compassionate teacher? A good education? Growing up in a small town, or simply old-fashioned good luck?

These women, who are often invisible in our society, have much to give younger women as role models and mentors, yet they have not received the attention they deserve. This is an important book, especially for aging baby boomers.


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