Author Presents New Vision of Aging

Contact: Pat Shapiro
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Santa Fe, NM. August 10, 2013. Women are living longer, healthier lives but they don't have role models to show them how to live past age 75 with passion, meaning and resilience. These twelve women will show them how!

In her new book, The Privilege of Aging: Portraits of Twelve Jewish Women, award-winning author Patricia Gottlieb Shapiro profiles 12 women between the ages of 76 and 102 and shows how their lifelong journeys prepared them for later life and contributed to their longevity and vitality. The women come from all parts of the country, have different lifestyles,, experiences, backgrounds and connections to Judaism.

The book explores what gave them the support, the spirit and the resilience to master challenges and changes in their long lives. Was it an understanding parent or compassionate teacher? A good education? Growing up in a small town or simply old-fashioned good luck?'

Unlike stereotypes of older women, the women featured in the book are living active, engaged lives and continuing to grow and develop as women. They model how to age with grace, wisdom and spirit.

The book also includes ten keys to successful aging. A few include:

  1. Build a strong support system. Avoid isolating yourself. Try to make new friends and include younger women among your friends. Let go of relationships that are toxic or dragging you down.
  2. Foster your creativity. Take a painting,, photography or ceramics class. Start piano lessons. Try new recipes. Plant a garden. Stretch yourself in new and different ways.
  3. Adopt a positive attitude. View challenges and crises as turning points and opportunities. Recognize what you can control and what is out of your hands.

This book raises important issues for baby boomers that are relevant whether they are male or female, young or old, Jewish or not.


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