YOGINI: Ageless Women, Timeless Tradition

Doing yoga as an older woman can transform how you feel about yourself and how you view aging. Listen to what Rayna Griffin had to say: “Yoga really changed me. It helped me open my heart and mind, and expand as a person. I’m digging deeper now. I’m learning, growing and discovering more about myself every day.”

Rayna is one of the ten women featured in this book. The women come from all parts of the United States, study in different yoga traditions, and range in age from 63 to 85. They are all doing yoga later in life, and evolving at a time when psychologists thought they were done growing.

Read their fascinating stories and find out what makes yoga so compelling, so necessary and so gratifying as they get older. The stories focus on physical and emotional healing, overcoming adversity, and finding spiritual renewal.

If you’re over 65 and not doing yoga yet, these stories may inspire you to give it a try. No matter your body size or shape or your health issues, yoga can guide you and support you in the years ahead.


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